Our future success is linked to our ability to involve talented professionals.
The purpose is to give the competitive strenght created and sustained by the current professional team of the Eigenmann & Veronelli Group continuity. In order to evolve and support international growth.

The human and professional features of our collaborators are: honesty, integrity, transparency, commitment to quality and improvement: respect for the shared values of quality, safety, health and environment; knowledge and development of their own potential and that of their colleagues; ability to create and mantaines long term trust relationship with clients, suppliers and partners; entrepreneurial courage consistent with company method and processes; autonomy and passion combined with technical and managerial skills. 

These are the characteristics we are looking for in the people joining the team, people to be trusted with the continuity of our sucess.
Our selection process foresees a first interview with our Head of Human Resources, followed by interviews with the direct heads of the function you are being selected for a specific position or, if there are no positions open for your profile, submit your spontaneous application.