Eigenmann & Veronelli was established in 1910 by Giovanni Eigenmann and Adolfo Veronelli who, as brothers in law decided to join their resources and diverse competences. Strongly trusting in the Italian market potential and in the innovative international chemical development they passed on the value of partnership and of responsible reciprocal support. The entrepreneurial spirit of our two founders has driven the company's continuous growth over the last century, enabling us to become a leader in the distribution and production of fine, specialty and performance chemicals. Today, we have a direct presence in five key markets across Southern and Eastern Europe-Italy, Russia, Spain & Portugal and Turkey-and sales in over 30 countries worldwide.

Our intimate knowledge of local industrial applications, combined with our commitment to global innovation, has enabled us to progressively drive value for both suppliers and customers. The growth of Eigenmann & Veronelli into the leading chemical production and distribution provider it is today has been made possible by our in-depth understanding of the chemical supply chain, and our ability to continuously evolve our offering to align with current market conditions. As the chemical industry has become increasingly diversified to encompass many different sectors, Eigenmann & Veronelli has remained firm in our ability to find the right solution for each application in a market with continuous developments and changes.

1910-1950: A New Chemical Era

The period from 1910 to 1950 saw the post-war reconstruction and coinciding growth of the Italian economy; the emergence of innovative chemical products and cooperation among international chemical suppliers; and the establishment of Eigenmann & Veronelli with the objective of being a comprehensive partner to users and producers on both sides of the chemical supply chain.

1950-1970: Diversification & Specialization

The 1950s brought broad-spectrum diversification to the fine chemicals market, inspiring industry-wide specialization to align with the varying demands of each sector.

1970-1990: The Emergence of Toll Manufacturing

In the 1970s, we saw the expansion of production and laboratory services aiming to create value services for customers and suppliers.

1990-2010: Continued Expansion

The 1990s introduced the European single market, the beginning of chemistry activities abroad and the implementation of full quality and certification systems, all setting the stage for the international expansion and various M&A activity in the 2000s.

2010-2020 Further Sustainable International Expansion:

The 2010s see the acquisition of international subsidiaries and the setup of the  international group infrastructure on the path of sustainable longterm growth.