At Eigenmann & Veronelli, our objective of providing the highest quality, most comprehensive portfolio of products and services can only be achieved through the competence, professionalism, dedication and passion of our staff. We are a team of solution-oriented professionals with the technical capabilities and market knowledge to fully support our customers in the production and application of high-quality chemicals and specialty products.

We develop enduring relationships with our suppliers by managing the complexities of the chemical sector on their behalf, promoting market coverage of their products, and tailoring our offering to meet their specific needs. Supporting our customers and suppliers in the areas of innovation, differentiation and strategic growth is our top priority.

Commercial activity at Eigenmann & Veronelli is organized by market sector and served by specialized sales departments, each comprising a team of highly capable individuals who are well versed in local business affairs. Our chemical sales departments leverage their industry- and region-specific expertise to implement solutions that help to ensure commercial success.

Our targeted approach is further supported by  laboratories dedicated to the specific industries we serve. In addition to housing our formulation development capabilities and sales teams, our corporate laboratories and production facilities also provide workshops for our suppliers and customers.