Our commitment to creating a network of users and producers within the chemical supply chain is reflected in our involvement with relevant industry associations. We strive to make an active contribution to the evolution of our industry through these various platforms.

A.F.I. Pharmaceutical Industry Association

FAI Italian Environment Fund

AIAS Italian Association of Environment and Safety

AIDAF Italian Association of Family Businesses

AIN Industrial Association of Novara

AIPEF Flexible Expanded Polyurethanes Italian Companies

AITIVA Italian Association of Paint and Related Industries Technicians

ANPE National Association of Rigid Expanded Polyurethane

ASSICC Italian Chemical Trade Association

Assolatte Italian Dairy Cheese Association

Aticelca Italian Technical Association for Cellulose and Paper

AVISA (Federchimica) National Association of Paints, Inks, Sealants and Adhesives

CEFIC European Chemical Industry Council

FECC European Association of Chemical Distributors

Italian Plastic Rubber Federation

Federchimica National Federation of the Chemical Industry 

Associazione Industriali Novara