As a socially responsible business rooted in family values, Eigenmann & Veronelli believes in creating both value and long-term sustainability for our stakeholders, which include principals, suppliers, customers, collaborators, banks and, consequently, shareholders.

In support of good and responsible management, the company complies with all applicable laws, the Code of Ethics outlined below, our own internal regulations and, in Italy,  the "231 Organizational Model" (Legislative Decree 231/2001). We invite our interlocutors to comply with us.

The Code of Ethics is one of the tools of corporate social responsibility for the promotion of good behavior practices.

Quality Compliance

At Eigenmann & Veronelli, we are wholly committed to the quality of the solutions we manufacture and distribute. For this reason, established and maintains a Quality Management System in line with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for our Italian plants in Rho (Milan), S. Martino di Trecate (Novara) and Tradate (Varese).

Futhermore, we have chosen to voluntarily adhere to a series of certification standards aimed at verifying the quality and sustainability of our products, these include:

  • EFfCI – GMP Guide For Cosmetic Ingredients Certificate
  • FAMI-QS certification for the production of food/feed additives
  • Products certificate of organic operation
  • RSPO sustainability in the supply of palm oil

We adhere to further voluntary certifications on a religious basis, conforming to Kosher and Halal traditions in the production and distribution of food products.


Eigenmann & Veronelli has also joined in Italy the Emergency Transport Service / Servizio Emergenze Trasporti (SET), a voluntary program established by Federchimica that brings together companies and associations interested in working with public authorities to prevent and manage accidents resulting from the transportation of chemical products.