5/13/2020 Press release concerning exclusive distribution agreement with Tronox, world leader manufacture of TiO2

EIGENMANN & VERONELLI SPA becomes the exclusive distributor of all TRONOX grades

Dear value Customer,

Eigenmann & Veronelli Spa is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the whole national territory with Tronox.

Tronox with TiO2 is covering all six continents, with eight production sites in different countries like UK, Netherlands, France and Saudi Arabia.

This announcement follows the press release of 1st April in which Eigenmann & Veronelli Spa and Tronox had announced the distribution agreement on the Italian territory of some TiO2 grades, belonging to the Tronox’s market-leading TiONA® and TiKON®.

Eigenmann & Veronelli Spa therefore becomes a unique and exclusive distributor for all TiO2 Tronox grades. Thanks to its extensive presence, Eigenmann & Veronelli Spa will be able to guarantee quality products, through advanced services and targeted solutions based on the specific needs of our customers, in all industries linked to the use of TiO2: coatings, plastics, paper, construction, rubber, leather, textiles, adhesives, polyurethanes.

Eigenmann & Veronelli Spa people are very proud to continue our collaboration with Tronox with the common target of growing together.

Our sales people, who are already your reference for the other products distributed by Eigenmann & Veronelli Spa, will contact you promptly for any further information.



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