7/27/2020 Resilient businesses: strategies to face the health emergency

Interview with Ludovico Balbo di Vinadio, President of Eigenmann & Veronelli

To what extent have family businesses been affected by the health shock ensuing the spread of Covid-19 and the scenario it outlined, unimaginable even just a few months ago?
And above all: how have these companies acted in order to deal with the economic situation triggered by the health emergency?

The AIDAF-EY Chair and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi have collected the testimonies of five Lombard entrepreneurs closely involved in the health emergency, to understand how Italian family businesses faced the situation and how they are preparing to face the near future.

Among these five entrepreneurs, there is our President Ludovico Balbo di Vinadio.

Find the interview below.

For the full text, with the considerations that emerged from the responses received and some initial reflections on the changes taking place within the national production fabric, see here:

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