10/27/2020 New low-VOC SRA technology – SITREN® SRA Series

The innovative Shrinkage reducing additives for concrete and mortar

Eigenmann & Veronelli SpA, the italian official distributor of  the Evonik ‘s Polymer & Construction Specialties (PCS) product line, announce the availability of innovative SRAs with specially designed chemistry and unique technology.

This latest generation of unique SRA technology has been developed in response to the increasing demand from the construction industry for low VOC additives.

Available in both liquid and powdered forms the new SITREN® SRA products combine exceptional performance with very low emissions, allowing formulators to meet the most stringent eco label requirements such as EMICODE EC1PLUS. More over this innovative SRAs do no impact on cement setting and hardening - no reduction of early mechanical strength!


  • Leveling compounds
  • Tile adhesives
  • Skim coats
  • Repair mortars
  • Technical grouts

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