5/10/2023 E&V proudly announces a new commercial agreement with AEM for the supply of alumina and aluminium derivatives covering Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey


Milan, Italy, May 10th 2023 - Eigenmann & Veronelli (E&V), a leading solutions provider of specialty chemicals and food ingredients, and Advanced Energy Minerals (AEM) have entered into a new commercial agreement covering Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey for the supply of alumina and aluminium derivatives.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for AEM, providing access to E&V’s broad customer base and establishing a strategic partnership that is anticipated to drive growth for both companies in the territory. AEM is a science-focused and innovative company committed to becoming the leading producer of sustainable premium alumina and other aluminium derivatives for the European market. Mick Adams, CEO of AEM, expressed his enthusiasm for the cooperation, while Mauro Avidano, E&V’s Commercial Director, highlighted the benefits of the partnership, citing E&V's customer base and go-to-market capabilities combined with AEM's strong product portfolio.


About Advanced Energy Minerals

Advanced Energy Minerals (AEM) is one of the few producers of ultra-high purity alumina worldwide.  Its current product range comprises a family of alpha and gamma alumina powders, branded as SupALOX®, aluminium chloride hexahydrates, branded as SupACH®, and alpha alumina pucks, branded as SupPUCK®. Its products are manufactured using our novel, patented, low-carbon Chlorine Leach Crystallization Purification (CLCP) process at purities up to 99.999%. AEM is the only alumina producers that manufactures alumina with minimal CO2 emissions.
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About Eigenmann & Veronelli

Eigenmann & Veronelli is a leading solutions provider of chemical specialties and food ingredients, with a direct presence in Italy, Iberia, and Turkey. E&V is synonymous with effectiveness, combining local market knowledge with international chemical innovations, and creating value for its customers and suppliers. E&V also offers a range of manufacturing, analytical and logistics services for customers across 18 industrial sectors.
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