16/04/2019 VESTENAMER® 8012: many performances and many effects in one additive

VESTENAMER® 8012: one Polymer and one processing aid in a single product

Over the past 20 years, VESTENAMER® has been successfully used worldwide in every application of the tire building process.

• VESTENAMER® provides good dispersion of difficult to disperse fillers.
• VESTENAMER® instant recrystallization at 54°C provides outstanding "Green Strength" allowing therefore great dimensional stability of the uncured rubber parts.
• VESTENAMER® low molecular weight and unique chemical structure lead to lower viscosity in the final rubber formulation allowing thus the compound to flow more efficiently.
• Thanks to it's low density VESTENAMER® provides a smooth finish to the final
vulcanized tire due to the migration process taking place during the vulcanization.
• VESTENAMER® also reduces sulfur bloom as it tends to seal the final surface of the tire
during the vulcanization without leaving a tacky residue.
• VESTENAMER® is an excellent compatibilizer for difficult to blend rubbers.

Processing advantages

Prevents agglomeration of carbon-black aggregates

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